Daily Sketchbook #2

Once again some old and new sketches, trying to fill the space.

Sketchbook #2.jpeg

The US Hockey team was losing to Canada in the semifinals on the television at Cafe Aroma while Ian and I discussed the state of modern music and a fictional basketball league complete with two team names.  Flannel is also the uniform here in Buffalo during the winter months.

Daily Sketchbook: Old and New

First couple pages from an old sketchbook I started drawing in again.

Sketchbook #1

Sketchbook #1

Some old and new ones. Working on a design for my band "Walrus Avulsion & The Narwhals" who are competing in the Buffalo Band Lottery on April 5th at the Ukranian Club in Buffalo.  Also a little hidden shout out to my friend Brian Morante and his upcoming cartoon short on Nickelodeon "Earmouse & Bottle".  I've seen some of the work and it's going to be amazing!

No No No!

Happy birthday to my main man Ian Shoff.  The gift of nostalgic artwork always goes over well.

Dikembe No No No Small-1.jpg

Dikembe Mutombo was a monster back in our day, wagging his finger all over his end of the court. Also gotta love those 80's Denver Nuggets jerseys.  Thinking about doing some more players from our childhood, late 80's, and early 90's.

Dad Bugs

Some sketches from Sunday's hang out at the local coffee shop in Buffalo.

The vacationing dad bug.

The vacationing dad bug.

The mathematical dad bug.

The mathematical dad bug.

Not dead bugs, but dad bugs. You know, like bugs, but, like, dad bugs.

Go, Pack! Go!

A little birthday present for my friend Jon who is a huge Packers fan.

Aaron Rodgers (Under 1MB).jpg

Happy 31st Jon!

Post Christmas Presents...

Decided to make a bunch of drawings for friends and family this year, but in typical fashion I started making them on Christmas Eve.  Here's the drawing I did for my Cuz':


Happy Holidays Everyone!